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Written by Administrator TaobaoNow   
Sunday, 20 September 2009 03:15

Dear all,


I'm writing this with a very heavy heart.

My mother was diagnosed with cancer several days ago.

My brain is quite blank now so I'll keep this short.

For the past few days, I was lagging behind my work here, but I beg for your kind understanding and forgiveness.

My assistants are working hard, but there is only so much they can do with me being the bottleneck here.

Also, the 60th Anniversary Nation Day for China is approaching, so everything here will come to a halt very soon.

I've decided to temporarily stop accepting new orders, from the 22nd September 2009 onwards till 9th October 2009. So please submit before 23:59:59 on 21st if it is urgent.

If your order is ongoing and not complete before 26th September, most likely it will have to wait till 9th October to continue with it.

All international delivery will stop from 27th September till 9th October. So if your order is complete and we've asked for your shipping payment, please do so before 25th September.

Again, I apologize for not providing top-notch service here for these few days.

But PLEASE pray for my mom if you have a minute to spare. Thank you so much!


With kind regards



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written by natasha papadopoulou, September 22, 2009
i wish your mom get well soon..im terribly sorry cancer is the worst thing a human can be hit..
Nil Einne
Deepest sympathies
written by Nil Einne, September 23, 2009
Sorry to hear about your mother. Sincerely hope she is able to beat the cancer and recovers fully, in the mean time my best wishes to you and your family in these troubling times. Stay strong and take all the time you need!

written by lorena magalhaes barreto, September 23, 2009
Hi Charles! Everybody here loves you...you can see it in all this comments...I will pray EVERYDAY.

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